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ACTA finally leaked

The ACTA is a treaty drafted in secret which is being negotiated between most of the world’s countries and which, among other things, proposes certain agreements between governments regarding the Internet. I suggest you read this BoingBoing summary of the Internet section of ACTA. Did you read it?  No?  Go ahead, click that link.  I’ll… Read More »

“Net neutrality” demystified

The term “net neutrality” has been defined and redefined and undefined and double-defined so many times that it doesn’t mean anything anymore.  Half the people using it mean one thing, and half the people using it mean exactly the opposite.  As a result, politicians are doing more harm than good by calling something “pro-net-neutrality” or… Read More »

Isn’t local government grand?

For the last few weeks the news has been telling us over and over again to make sure we have flood insurance, to make sure we’re “prepared”, and to make sure we have an emergency plan.  That’s because near a dam on the Green River, there’s (apparently) an earth embankment that’s likely to (somehow) fail… Read More »

Voting based on views

Someone said earlier today, “I wouldn’t vote for a Republican in a million years.”  He later clarified that he wouldn’t vote for a member of any party, be they Republican, Democratic, or Libertarian. My response-question was this: “So you wouldn’t vote for someone that represents your views almost perfectly, simply because they associate themselves with… Read More »