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On changing opinions: Climate Change

Over a year ago, I wrote a post about the process of opinion-changing.  At the time, I intended to follow up with a series of posts about specific things I had changed my opinion on for various reasons. I never ended up writing any of them, mostly out of laziness. Well, now I’m writing about… Read More »

When does abortion become murder?

I almost always see pro-abortion arguments framed in terms of the rights and desires of the mother. The argument is essentially that a woman should be allowed to have an abortion because it’s her body and she should have exclusive control over her body. But at what point during pregnancy does a baby get its… Read More »

Smart guns? No thanks.

I recently read an opinion article on by Jeremy Shane, and I had a few thoughts to share.  Shane basically says that it would be great if guns were smart enough to refuse to fire when they shouldn’t be fired (like at a group of children). One of the things I’ve been training my… Read More »