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Kind of self-explanatory.

On changing opinions

I’ve been thinking a lot about the process of changing one’s opinion. It’s not an obvious process with clearly defined stages; it happens in fits and starts, sometimes making leaps in one direction and sometimes backtracking to an earlier place.  It can be motivated by education, argument, persuasion, emotion, social pressure, or even simply the… Read More »

A note on terminology in abortion debates

I’ve noticed a consistent pattern from both sides of the abortion debate in the specific terminology chosen to refer to the target of the abortion: Those in the pro-abortion camp invariably refer to it as a “fetus”. Those in the anti-abortion camp invariably refer to it as a “baby”, or sometimes “child”, often with “unborn”… Read More »

Time for a rename

Well, I finally got tired of the weird looks people have been giving me for the last few years when I tell them my email address or website URL.  For now I’m going with, and we’ll see in a few weeks whether I like this or if I want to try or… Read More »

Brooke singing Five Little Ducks

Brooke wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing, so I managed to record her singing: Azure was climbing around on top of me off-frame, so you get to listen to that too.

Aetna doesn’t like my wife’s PCP

I logged on to my account on Aetna’s website to update my wife’s primary care physician. I tracked down her PCP’s provider ID and entered that into the web form. Their site accepted the change and said they would mail me new cards. This is what I got in the mail. I really don’t know… Read More »