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Sex and violence

I mentioned on Twitter a few hours ago that I can’t rely on movie ratings anymore, because I don’t really mind violence in movies, but I want to avoid sexual content. The response was, “that doesn’t seem backwards to you?” Hmm. There were two parts to the question; I answered the first half by linking to… Read More »

Women and the Priesthood

A lot of people — mostly non-Mormons — seem to think that the recent General Conference prayer given by a woman proves it’s only a matter of time before the Church starts ordaining women to the Priesthood. The most frequent comparison is to when the Church began giving the Priesthood to men who were not… Read More »

Mormon Proxy Baptism

There’s been a lot of fuss made on the internet about a cartoon by Matt Bors. It’s been widely published, and commented on by a large number of people who have no idea what they’re talking about. It is my intention to rectify some of the misconceptions that have become apparent as a result of… Read More »

Some LDS people may need reform, but not the LDS Church.

I read an opinion article by Carrie Sheffield in the Washington Post today that was somewhat disturbing. In it, the author calls for reform in the LDS Church (a.k.a. the “Mormon” Church), based largely on some of her own experiences. While her experiences with some members the Church are unfortunate, most of the information she presents… Read More »

Real intellectual honesty

The Washington Post has a blog called On Faith that runs articles from various people, both religious and non-religious, on the topic of religion. These blog posts are generally interesting, but the one I read today was pretty absurd. The author, Sam Harris, starts by mentioning his daughter asking him where gravity comes from. That’s… Read More »