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Linkin Park

I’ve had this post brewing in the back of my mind for several weeks now.  It started when I was driving to work listening to Linkin Park, and I started trying to understand not just the words, but the meaning behind the words.  That’s when I started to realize what all their songs are about. … Read More »

Leave Out All the Rest

The other day I mentioned Linkin Park’s Leave Out All the Rest being the closing credits song in the Twilight movie. The DVD also contained a recording of a live performance of that song.  Turns out, Linkin Park sucks at singing.  The lead singer can’t stay on key.  He ended the song on the wrong… Read More »


Yes, I mean that Twilight.  The movie based on the books by Stephenie Meyer.  It’s been sitting in our Netflix queue for months now, always getting pushed back in favor of other more interesting things (like my ongoing re-watch of Star Trek: Deep Space 9).  Somehow it made it to the top, though, and arrived… Read More »