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The troubling consequences

If you’ll recall my earlier post regarding urinals, you’ll know that guys don’t like using the urinal right next to another guy. Here’s why.

Engineers, if they were like bad programmers

…Hey guys, look! I made the black hole generator we were theorizing yesterday! See? I just have to press this button and This comes from a comment someone made on Slashdot earlier today. The idea is that bad programmers sometimes come up with clever ideas, often without thinking through the consequences.  (Alternatively, good programmers sometimes… Read More »

The ICU Protocol

I just read this post and found it quite humorous, especially this comment at the end: And, of course, if you want to make things really awkward, I suggest printing out this article and trying to explain it to the guy peeing next to you. There are times when you think you waste most of… Read More »