Global Warming – or, Climate Change

By | December 1, 2009

Update: I came across this book review by Freeman Dyson which you may find interesting.  It reviews犀利士
two “global warming” books and points out some things they’re ignoring.

It seems politicians are abandoning the phrase “global warming” in favor of the more ambiguous “climate change”.  Here’s a two-minute clip of a White House press conference, and a transcript of it:

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs

Reporter 1:  Climate change.  Why is it a good idea for the President to arrive near the beginning of the climate talk negotiations, as opposed to the end, when the ultimate deal is going to be struck?  And secondarily…

Gibbs: Well… (more…)

3 thoughts on “Global Warming – or, Climate Change

  1. Pierce

    You know the “climate change” was coined by Republican lobbyists? It sounds so less ominous than “global warming.” I don’t know the science behind global warming, so I cannot say anything on that, but isn’t lowering pollution and developing cleaner energy sources and more efficient technologies worthy of researching?

    Obama is spending like a day there. It’s merely symbolic. The Cap and Trade bill isn’t out of the Senate and won’t be for a while and that is what will lower our emissions, so Obama will say stuff, but there is no way for him to carry out what he says until that bill is out and it can change shape or die altogether before that happens.

  2. Dan

    I’m not complaining about the trip (except in the sense that the whole “climate change” topic is a waste of time), nor am I really complaining about the terminology, and I think both political parties are being idiotic about the whole thing.

    Pollution reduction is a worthy goal in and of itself; we don’t need to pursue it as a side effect of some nebulous and perhaps impossible “reverse global warming” fantasy.

  3. marshzd

    Also, in context these comments were in reference to the many scientists who were fabricating information and forcing other reputable scientists out of peer review journals (the journals that used to give scientists the “moral upper hand”, until we just found out that they are manipulated as well).

    Research Climategate. It’s clear that global warming was being presented in a false context and that the U.N. and other nations have been acting under false information.

    Thank you hackers!


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