A note on terminology in abortion debates

I’ve noticed a consistent pattern from both sides of the abortion debate in the specific terminology chosen to refer to the target of the abortion: Those in the pro-abortion camp invariably refer to it as a “fetus”. Those in the anti-abortion camp invariably refer to it as a “baby”, or sometimes “child”, often with “unborn”… Read More »

When does abortion become murder?

I almost always see pro-abortion arguments framed in terms of the rights and desires of the mother. The argument is essentially that a woman should be allowed to have an abortion because it’s her body and she should have exclusive control over her body. But at what point during pregnancy does a baby get its… Read More »

Time for a rename

Well, I finally got tired of the weird looks people have been giving me for the last few years when I tell them my email address or website URL.  For now I’m going with danielgmyers.com, and we’ll see in a few weeks whether I like this or if I want to try dangmyers.com or danielgarymyers.com.… Read More »

Sex and violence

I mentioned on Twitter a few hours ago that I can’t rely on movie ratings anymore, because I don’t really mind violence in movies, but I want to avoid sexual content. The response was, “that doesn’t seem backwards to you?” Hmm. There were two parts to the question; I answered the first half by linking to… Read More »