Time for a rename

Well, I finally got tired of the weird looks people have been giving me for the last few years when I tell them my email address or website URL.  For now I’m going with danielgmyers.com, and we’ll see in a few weeks whether I like this or if I want to try dangmyers.com or danielgarymyers.com.… Read More »

Sex and violence

I mentioned on Twitter a few hours ago that I can’t rely on movie ratings anymore, because I don’t really mind violence in movies, but I want to avoid sexual content. The response was, “that doesn’t seem backwards to you?” Hmm. There were two parts to the question; I answered the first half by linking to… Read More »

Women and the Priesthood

A lot of people — mostly non-Mormons — seem to think that the recent General Conference prayer given by a woman proves it’s only a matter of time before the Church starts ordaining women to the Priesthood. The most frequent comparison is to when the Church began giving the Priesthood to men who were not… Read More »

Smart guns? No thanks.

I recently read an opinion article on CNN.com by Jeremy Shane, and I had a few thoughts to share.  Shane basically says that it would be great if guns were smart enough to refuse to fire when they shouldn’t be fired (like at a group of children). One of the things I’ve been training my… Read More »